UAJS Yiddish Project

The UAJS encourages research in the field of Yiddish language and literature, and translation of prose, poetry, and historical sources from Yiddish into Ukrainian.

The Association also promotes the teaching of Yiddish Language at degree and non-degree programs in Ukrainian universities and other institutions, as well as the incorporation of Yiddish topics into the framework of UAJS conferences, when it is applicable.

Another area of action consists of organizing public lectures and mini courses on diverse aspects of Yiddish civilizations by prominent local and visiting scholars.

Since 2020, in cooperation with the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the Omeljan Pritsak Research Center for Oriental Studies at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, UAJS organizes the Yiddish beginner and intermediate online classes, as well as the Yiddish speaking club. The students get an opportunity to restore the connection to the mame-loshn of their grandparents, learn more about Yiddish language and culture that are inseparably connected to the history of Ukrainian terrains, and join the Yiddishist community worldwide. 

In 2021–2022, we launched a Yiddish handscript and typewriting deciphering seminar which can be much helpful for researchers, translators and specialists in the academic, librarian, and museum spheres who work with documents in Yiddish. 


Learn Yiddish with the UAJS

Would you like to study the language of the East European Jews to read classical Jewish fiction works, rare documents and newspapers in the original? To restore the connection to the mame-loshn of your grandparents? To learn more about the Yiddish language and culture that are inseparably connected to the history of Ukrainian terrains? To join the Yiddishist community worldwide? If your answer is yes, then these courses are for you.
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Latest news

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