Support Jewish Studies scholars and projects in wartime Ukraine!




The Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies appeals to organizations, communities, and individuals worldwide to help Jewish Studies in Ukraine during this difficult and tragic period of Ukraine’s history.

You can support Jewish Studies scholars and projects (conferences, publications, teaching, etc.) in Ukraine financially and send any amount to the UAJS (details in hryvnias, euros, US dollars, and British pounds are linked here).

Every donation is valuable now!

We, UAJS, also wish to be grateful and to present a gift to everyone who sends us a generous donation.

For every $100 there will be a set of beautiful Ukraine’s postal stamps, envelopes, and cards: either wartime of 2022–2023 or Jewish themed of 2009–2021. You can choose one.

For every $200 you will have both mentioned sets!

For every $300 and more, we will send you two sets + an envelope (first day cover) originally signed by Professor Roald Hoffman, a 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, who was saved by a Ukrainian during the Holocaust. The number of envelopes is strongly limited!

If you decide to donate but have any questions, you can reach us at

Also, please send us your preferred mailing address to the same email.