We invite Ukrainian and foreign scholars who research Jewish civilization (i.e., history, culture, religion, literature, language and so forth) to become members of the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies (UAJS). The association is open to senior scholars as well as to graduate and post-graduate students.

Members of the UAJS must not to take any public or private actions aimed at incitement to racial, ethnic, national, religious, gender, or cultural hatred, discrimination against people with disabilities, intolerance based on sexual orientation, or age. If the UAJS Presidium receives confirmed information concerning such actions by any member of the organization, he/she will be excluded from the UAJS.

UAJS members can:
• participate in all UAJS events and use its services with discounted rates;
• obtain advice and other assistance to receive grants for research projects, conferences, seminar, and so forth;
• use the UAJS library and other academic resources;
• appeal to the UAJS management to protect members’ interests;
• elect and be elected to the UAJS governing body;
• participate in the UAJS General Meeting or in its governing bodies to resolve issues facing the UAJS.

UAJS has only individual membership, which encompasses two categories:
• Full Member
• Student Member (if the candidate for membership is a graduate or post-graduate student)

2019 Membership fees for Ukrainian citizens are 200 UAH (Full Membership) and 100 UAH (Student Membership). Membership fees for foreign citizens is $20 (Full Membership) and $10 (Student Membership).

If you need additional information or intend to apply for membership, please contact the UAJS secretary by e-mail at membership [AT]